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This book is a best seller, due to intense research on iniquity. It takes you back and allows you to understand why you continue going through the same problems generation after generation. This book teaches you the difference in iniquity and sin. It will not only set you free, but it will free the generations to come!

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I am greatly weighed down within my soul as I observe thousands and hundreds of thousands of Christians  suffering greatly, going through never-ending deserts, bearing sicknesses with no apparent relief and burdened by irrevocable curses. This suffering has caused me to intensely seek God’s face in order to find a solution to so many unanswerable questions.

For many years, God has raised me as a pioneer in a number of areas, spiritual warfare being one of them  at the personal and territorial deliverance level. As I have invaded these terrains and stood against the powers of darkness, I have realized that I need to comprehend God’s righteousness in a deeper way.   The only force that destroys the power of the devil is the righteousness manifested on the cross of Calvary, which is much greater than the simple justification by grace preached in most churches.

Through this study, God wants us to discover the wonderful treasures hidden in Jesus Christ, so as to enter the fullness of life found in the depths of the mystery of the cross alone.  God wants us to understand “iniquity” as the greatest obstacle to possessing the riches of His glory. Our ignorance about iniquity binds us to curses  from which we cannot escape.

In His Word, God makes a specific distinction between sin and iniquity. The Church is used to dealing with the topic of sin to some degree, but almost never touches the vast problem of iniquity. Most Christians are unaware of its existence, so they are unable to be freed from it.   Nevertheless, iniquity is one of the most significant  topics in the Bible.  Ignorance ,  and a lack of understanding about iniquity  result in  the greatest source of failure, oppression, and defeat that God’s people face.



Etymologically iniquity  means “twisted and distorted.” It  is, in fact, anything that turns away from God’s straight and perfect path. The origin of iniquity was found in the fall of Lucifer. It happened in the moment this archangel, full of beauty and perfection, allowed a thought that was out of line with God and started to believe in something different and opposite to Divine Justice.

Now, just as faith is the substance of what is believed, that is, the power that activates the invisible world of heavens, this twisted thought derived by  the archangel produced a spiritual substance which was the origin of  evil.

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