eBook  - Eat My Flesh Drink My Blood

eBook - Eat My Flesh Drink My Blood

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eBook - Eat My Flesh Drink My Blood

By: Dr. Ana Mendez Ferrell



This book is filled with heavenly revelations about eating and drinking of the Lord Jesus Christ. It will draw you closer to Him as you take communion and receive the most powerful inheritance He left for us!


This book deals with the most important revelation of my life. What He gave me through His Spirit completely changed me. The understanding of the Kingdom of God that I received was something I had never before imagined. This revelation has changed the lives of thousands of people. It has taken them to experiences with Christ that they never dream't could be real. Even less could they imagine that they could have these experiences themselves, through entering the spiritual dimensions of “Communion”.

This is not a religious study. It is a glorious revelation of the life that is hidden behind the bread and the wine, in the body and the blood of Jesus. I’m not trying to attack anyone, nor attempting to dispute traditions or established theology. My intention is to help you understand a mystery that will transform your entire spiritual life. During some years of taking “Communion” the way I believe the early church took it and living the way they lived, I discovered the legacy of Christ. It is my desire to impart to you what He has given to me and for the Holy Spirit to take you to the fullness of your Christian life.

Throughout history, God has always found someone to whom He could reveal this heritage. Saints throughout the ages, in every denomination, in diverse circumstances, have found this pearl of great price. He found them in the midst of the Dark Ages. He took them out of the most perverted religious structures in the history of the church. They were isolated in a monastery or a convent or were hidden as hermits in the mountains. Others received this revelation while they were missionaries in Africa or China. These men and women were lovers of truth; they were saints who sought Him and did not seek the doctrines of men. They separated the precious from the vile. They endured horrible persecution and even death because what they had was real. What they had was life and not some dead theology. These men and women set aside rituals and traditions; they had found Jesus face to face. Some of them shook the earth, as well as the religious and political systems of their time. Others transformed nation from their prayer rooms because they knew the mysteries of life that are hidden in Communion.

This book will help you to know Jesus intimately. It will help you to do the works of God, with the same power the Son of God had when He was on earth. Jesus promised:

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believe on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

John 14:12

It will open your eyes to see Jesus face to face, and it will help you to possess your spiritual and material inheritance. What you are about to read will change your life, your Christian experience, the way you see things, and how you love. It will fill you with the very power of God. Open your heart to receive a treasure you have never received before. And may the Almighty God reveal Himself to you in every page of this book!

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