Quantum Fasting - Food For Thought

Quantum Fasting - Food For Thought

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This powerful book takes you on a journey with the Holy Spirit to impart the true revelation of living a lifestyle of fasting. Emerson fasts over many days and believes that this is a very profound key to entering and living in the realms of heaven!

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This book will expose you to the world of reality beyond the physical. The life God designed for you is hidden inside your spirit along with a road map to righteousness, peace and joy.
The Bible says, For the kingdom of God does not consist of food and drink, but righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14:17).
My life changed forever the day the Holy Spirit revealed the depths of meaning to that verse.
It is my desire for each person to experience the ecstasies beyond this world that are available to those who fast. The devil knows the power of fasting, 
which is why he has stirred up so much fear of fasting in so many of God’s people.
Fasting is not new even though it is not practiced often in the church. Perhaps this is due to preconceived ideas and religious beliefs. In any event, the devil has produced fear of committing to a lifestyle of fasting.
This book will enlighten and transform your understanding beyond fasting to the power over fear. Moreover, you will discover that you are what you believe because of your thoughts. 
Once you understand that food is one of the origins of thoughts, and then you will understand the importance of fasting. Your spirit is hungrier than your body and, if fed properly, it will transform you’re eating and how you think.
The power to observe and change your desires in the light of the Holy Spirit alters everything. You will be in charge of your thoughts, not a slave to them.
In addition, you will discover the hidden power inside our spirit to change our physical condition and health. The diets consumed by most people born in the West fulfill cravings generated from noise and stress. 
We will look at how the sounds of our souls are consistent with the foods we ingest, thus reproducing the perpetual cycle of sin, sickness and death.
You will understand how righteousness and peace are tangible foods of the Spirit served to those whose desires are consistent with His.
Science uses terms to describe phenomena in both the visible and invisible worlds. Fasting pushes open the door between the two worlds in order to feast on God’s divine nature.
Quantum, according to most dictionaries, is a Latin word for amount. In modern understanding, it means the smallest possible discrete unit of any physical property, such as energy or matter. Those who refrain from eating food (matter) will be fed faith (energy) by the Holy Spirit. A person’s spirit will grow stronger and destroy the illusions of doubt and unbelief created by the constant diet of matter.
In other words, feeding your faith is as simple as fasting along with worship and thanksgiving.
The power to overcome the material world is to trust the Holy Spirit to provide your needs outside of your reasoning and beliefs. Fasting is an exercise in doing just that. If the devil knows you have made that choice, he is helpless to intimidate you.
Your fear will be transformed to power once you begin to fast.
These experiences and more have been waiting for us since the foundation of the world. They are our inheritance and treasures for transforming future generations.
Fasting will awaken the overcoming spirit inside of you as well as increase your stamina and well-being, which is necessary for the type of worship we were created to give to our King. Jesus said, Do not be afraid I have overcome the world (John 16:33). If you are frightened about anything in your life, it is because you have never properly understood the benefits of fasting.
The power and authority over every terror in your life begins with overcoming the fear of not eating. If you desire to attain power and authority, start reading now and do not stop until you have devoured every page of this book.
Remember, Jesus did not begin to operate in the power, might and authority of the kingdom until he returned from fasting in the wilderness.
Do you want to follow in His steps? Begin now with putting all excuses aside and never looking back. Your future is as bright as your trust in His power to transform you. Jesus demolished the works of the devil after His baptism and return from the wilderness. It was during those 40 days in the desert without food that something was activated inside His being. I believe that not eating was an important element in activating the divine blood of His Father.
My journey with fasting began after studying His wilderness experience and confrontations with the devil. Most Bible teachers agree that quoting scriptures was His defense against Satan. However, little is said about His lack of food as an ingredient in the victory.The story of my experiences and discoveries is a work in progress written to demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit over the obstacles of fear from the devil. Jesus destroyed the works of the devil, and each time I receive a new revelation about that, a greater level of authority is revealed in my life.
This is a journey that increases my spiritual hunger over my physical appetites. Fasting was my vehicle for this miraculous journey, and my desire is that you will be encouraged to do the same after reading this book.

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