Dr. Ana Mendez Ferrell , was born in Mexico, but currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband Emerson Ferrell. They have three children: Anna, Pedro and Jordan.

The miraculous power of God delivered her completely and transformed her into one of His generals to lead His army and destroy the works of Satan.

Ordained as a Prophet and Apostle, Dr. Ana Mendez Ferrell is present in more than 60 nations, training, and equipping the army of God to tear down the strongholds of evil to manifest the glory of God. Dr. Ana Mendez Ferrell graduated with a doctorate in theology from the Latin University of Theology in California. Through Voice of The Light Ministries, Dr. Ana Mendez Ferrell conducts conferences and training throughout the world.

As general of spiritual warfare, Dr. Ana Mendez Ferrell has coordinated many of the most important initiatives of strategic intercession for the liberation of the darkest territories of the land, facing territorial spirits and principalities that keep the cities under the power of darkness.

Of the most relevant wars that she and her team had been engaged was the decision to undertake the Mount Everest in 1997 which opened the spiritual world in the 10/40 Window (the region least evangelized around the world) where already thousands of churches have been established after this taking.  Dr. Mendez Ferrell was also the coordinator for the operation "Palace of Queen", the first global prayer initiative which involved almost 75 percent of the nations in a war against "the queen of heaven".

Her ministry is also known for the profound knowledge of the Spiritual realm and the glory of God. She has published 10 books that have transformed the lives of thousands of people through powerful pioneer revelations that have opened a large breach in the understanding of liberation, spiritual warfare and the revelation of the Kingdom of God. Her books have been translated to up to 11 different languages.

She has also been a pioneer in the establishment of the prophetic worship, and the restoration of the mountain of prophetic art. Today she has an online Advanced Training platform, where hundreds of people around the world are trained via the internet.


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