Divine Health Book Package

Divine Health Book Package

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Divine Health Book Package


5 Books for only $50.00

  • Pharmakeia: A Hidden Assassin
  • Eat My Flesh, Drink My Blood
  • Quantum Fasting: Food For Thought
  • Supernatural Believing: Christ Conscious
  • The Breath of God Over Essential Oils


The power of restoration and healing is available to anyone who understands the relationship between our body and soul. The answers you have been searching for in man’s medicines have been inside our spirits since birth. The keys to unlock that resource are in God’s plant kingdom and spiritual reconnection. Remember, you did not arrive at your current condition overnight and if you believe the Lord is speaking to you about changing your health then allow His Spirit to guide you. If you will consciously apply the principles from these messages on a daily basis your appetites will change and so will your faith.

Pharmakeia: A Hidden Assassin - Book

One of the greatest adversaries of our time is Pharmakeia, the principal spirit that governs the pharmaceutical industry in the world and whose purpose is not to keep us healthy but to make us captive to medication. Jesus Christ is the answer to our sickness, and has given us the power to live in Divine health without ever having to need medication ever again! This is the most powerful book to set you free from your dependence on medication and the demonic spirit of destruction called Pharmakeia. Set yourself free and live in the Divine health that Jesus paid for you!


Eat My Flesh, Drink My Blood - Book

This book is fresh and alive with revelations concerning the sacrament of communion. This is one subject that has been misunderstood among the traditional as well as the contemporary. The Lord reveals himself dynamically to the author to reform the most powerful inheritance He left us through eating His Flesh and drinking His Blood. What we have today is a lifeless ritual. The Lord is transforming our  understanding into a revelation that will revolutionize the Church’s spiritual life.

Understanding this subject will take the readers of this book to the most amazing and real manifestations of the power of God in their lives, and will open doors to experience Divine Health.

Through this book, you will discover things about the Blood and Flesh of Christ that will compel you to go deeper into your relationship with Christ.


Quantum Fasting: Food For Thought - Book

Quantum Fasting describes the transition of your thoughts from the physical to the spiritual world. Your dominion over fear, death and the grave can be found woven in every page of this book. A fresh revelation of Christ each day is the power over the past and a key for changing our tomorrow. Those who read this book will experience dreams and visions from heaven that will develop their prophetic natures. This is the most extraordinary book on the subject of fasting to date and it will propel you on a never-ending journey from glory to glory.


Supernatural Believing: Christ Conscious - Book

This book portrays the journey Jesus made to dominate all the centers of His being. That excursion will amaze and train you to be the overcomer you were created to be. You are to rule and reign in Christ NOW, which is only possible after you believe like Jesus. Supernatural Believing Christ Conscious is not just a revised version, it is a spiritual tool designed to propel you into a real encounter with faith. The Holy Spirit is saying to you today, “all things are possible if you will only believe.”


The Breath of God Over Essential Oils - Book

The sound of God’s voice produced the frequency of light that created all things (Light Be). The whole universe, both visible and invisible is vibrating at the frequencies of our Heavenly Father.  Light and sound are the life forces inside of all the elements on earth including man. The highest frequency on earth is found in plants and their sole purpose is to serve mankind. They are one of the keepers of God’s creation and are capable of exposing us to the nature and the love of our Heavenly Father.

This book explores the treasures of essential oils, both scientifically and spiritually. The power in the oils is revealed to those who trust in the cross of Christ and His eternal victory over sin, sickness, and disease. Those who understand this will use them as a vehicle to enhance their faith to overcome disease and oppression. Those who are ready to take a quantum leap into the mind and the heart of their Heavenly Father will be equipped with this book.


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