Deliverance Initiative Special Package

Deliverance Initiative Special Package

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Deliverance Initiative Special Package

3 Books for only $20.00

·       - Iniquity

·      -  Pharmakeia: A Hidden Assassin

·       - The Dark Secret of G.A.O.T.U.


Includes 1 FREE Gift

The Deliverance Initiative is your opportunity to be equipped with the revelation of Christ for your deliverance, and the deliverance of your family and your nation from the bondages and iniquities of darkness, Freemasonry and Pharmakeia! 

Our Deliverance Initiative special includes these three books plus 1 FREE Gift

Pharmakeia: A Hidden Assassin - Book

One of the greatest adversaries of our time is Pharmakeia, the principal spirit that governs the pharmaceutical industry in the world and whose purpose is not to keep us healthy but to make us captive to medication. Jesus Christ is the answer to our sickness, and has given us the power to live in Divine health without ever having to need medication ever again! This is the most powerful book to set you free from your dependence on medication and the demonic spirit of destruction called Pharmakeia. Set yourself free and live in the Divine health that Jesus paid for you!

Dark Secret of GAOTU - Book

This powerful book will reveal the secrets and curses hidden within the facade of freemasonry. The occult organization of freemasonry has infiltrated and affected our societies and generations with darkness for centuries. Learn how you can deliver yourself and your family from this generational bondage of iniquity and be a part of the reformation God has purposed for your nation!

Iniquity - Book

In His Word, God makes a specific distinction between sin and iniquity. The Church is used to dealing with the topic of sin to some degree, but almost never touches the vast problem of iniquity. Most Christians are unaware of its existence, so they are unable to be freed from it.   Nevertheless, iniquity is one of the most significant  topics in the Bible.  Ignorance ,  and a lack of understanding about iniquity results in  the greatest source of failure, oppression, and defeat that God’s people face.

Through this study, God wants us to discover the wonderful treasures hidden in Jesus Christ, so as to enter the fullness of life found in the depths of the mystery of the cross alone.  God wants us to understand “iniquity” as the greatest obstacle to possessing the riches of His glory.

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